Tenkara Fly Rods

Tenkara Fly Rods

The mission

Produce three films that will be used for Facebook advertising and brand building. Tenkara is a simple method of fly fishing and they wanted to appeal to three different audiences. Mountain bikers, backpackers and people who haven't heard of Tenkara style fishing.


The main distribution channel for these videos are Facebook advertisments. So far these videos have amassed over 550,000 views on Facebook and Youtube.


Tenkara Rod Co is based out of Driggs, Idaho and are proud to be surrounded by some of the worlds best trout rivers and streams. They love the outdoors as well as the simplicity and beauty nature has to offer. Fishing gives people a chance to get out and and enjoy this beauty. The complexity and expense of fly fishing can be daunting to someone who just wants to throw a line and catch some fish. Tenkara gives people this opportunity. With a rod, a line, and a fly, you can go to a river, lake, or stream and catch some fish. That's what made us fall in love with Tenkara.




Proud Source Water

Proud Source Water

Made in Idaho

The mission

Proud Source Water needed to tell their story. A startup company born in a small Idaho town, that's waging war on plastic.

In addition to a brand video they needed content to reach specific audiences. They started sponsoring events, which was a great way to get their products in the hands of consumers. They used videos captured at these events to push these consumers to their website. 

About Proud Source Water

It is important to know where things come from and it’s equally important to know where things are going. Proud Source Water is proud to be an “AMERICAN ORIGINAL” that does its part—both for our future and our community.

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Discovery Channel Documentary

Discovery Channel Documentary

Rise of the Warrior Apes

The mission

We were given 42 days to capture intimate behaviors of the most powerfull group of chimpanzees in the world. Our small crew gathered in Entebbe, Uganda, loaded our caravan of vans and headed for the jungle. We'd spend the remainder of our trip grinding from sun up until sun down to capture as many rare moments of chimp behavior as possible.

The final product produced by Keo Films and Discovery Channel focuses on the "dark side" of these chimps. While this is a part of who they are, the majority of what we witnessed in the field were chimps gorging themselves on figs, youngsters play fighting and family grooming sessions. This was an experience of a lifetime and are so thankful for everyone involved.

About Rise of the Warrior Apes

The warrior apes, who are known as the largest troop of chimpanzees ever discovered, control a vast empire and reign with terror through war, politics and alliances. Built upon over 20 years of remarkable storylines – from their emergence as young adults culminating in their total dominance – Rise of the Warrior Apes provides a fresh and uncensored perspective on these magnificent and sometimes terrifying animals.


"Best Animal Behavior"

2017 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival


- https://lsa.umich.edu/anthro/news-events/all-news/faculty/_rise-of-the-warrior-apes-has-won-best-animal-behavior-film-in-t.html



- http://www.discoveryuk.com/shows/rise-of-the-warrior-apes/


See the feature film on Animal Planet GO and Discovery.



Experience the "Van Life" With WanderVans

The Sweet spot between the tent and recreational vehicle

The mission

We set out on a four day adventure to create content for Wandervans. With the "van life" becoming a trend, we wanted to capture the every day life on the road. The content will help promote and advertise for this up and coming business. The images will be used on all realms of social media, brochures, as well as large prints. 

About wandervans

Wander vans started in Boise, Idaho by two Idaho natives who were passionate about everything outdoors. After switching their lifestyles from clock work jobs, they created a company to allow people to conveniently get outside and experience the things they are passionate about. The company launched in the Summer of 2016 and is quickly increasing clientele.  

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Banana Ink

Banana Ink

A Year with Banana Ink

Idaho inspired designs & locally made apparel

The mission

Each month we set out on a mission to create unique content for Banana Ink's new products. We knew they would be using these photos for their website, catalogs and social media so we catered to each. Mixing product shots with lifestyle images has allowed them to dominate each platform.

About Banana Ink

Without a doubt, video is the most powerful marketing tool today. We collaborated with Banana ink to create a video with a short history of Banana Ink as well as sharing the lifestyle they connect with.

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Art Of Visuals

Art Of Visuals

Art of Visuals Collaboration

How we created a new ad campaign for Southwest Idaho Travel Association

The mission

This is our home state, it was our job to do it justice. With a long list of locations in Southwest Idaho we began our week long adventure. We hit sand dunes, rivers, lakes and everything in between.

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Learn more about Southwest Idaho Travel Association by following them on Facebook and Instagram

Apache Pine

Apache Pine

Apache Pine Kickstarter

How we helped This wood watch company raise over $40K.

the Mission

We teamed up with Apache Pine to put together a Kickstarter video that would share their story and launch their new line of wooden watches, the True North Collection. We set off on a 6 day adventure through Utah, Idaho and Oregon to capture their story.

The Campaign

The project launched July 11th, supporters began to roll in. Amazing things happen when a small passionate company puts everything on the line. They quickly blew past their goal of $15,000 and on August 10th they ended the campaign with 570 backers and $42,459. 

See their campaign here

To date, this was one of our favorite projects. Everyone involved had a contagious enthusiasm for what they did. We'd road trip with them again any day.

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