Rise of the Warrior Apes

The mission

We were given 42 days to capture intimate behaviors of the most powerfull group of chimpanzees in the world. Our small crew gathered in Entebbe, Uganda, loaded our caravan of vans and headed for the jungle. We'd spend the remainder of our trip grinding from sun up until sun down to capture as many rare moments of chimp behavior as possible.

The final product produced by Keo Films and Discovery Channel focuses on the "dark side" of these chimps. While this is a part of who they are, the majority of what we witnessed in the field were chimps gorging themselves on figs, youngsters play fighting and family grooming sessions. This was an experience of a lifetime and are so thankful for everyone involved.

About Rise of the Warrior Apes

The warrior apes, who are known as the largest troop of chimpanzees ever discovered, control a vast empire and reign with terror through war, politics and alliances. Built upon over 20 years of remarkable storylines – from their emergence as young adults culminating in their total dominance – Rise of the Warrior Apes provides a fresh and uncensored perspective on these magnificent and sometimes terrifying animals.


"Best Animal Behavior"

2017 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival


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See the feature film on Animal Planet GO and Discovery.